Donating is Recycling

Here are some great facts about donating and the environment that you should be aware of:

(Remember….Keep those clothes out of landfills! Donate clothing to charity!)

  • Fact #1: The average American throws away approximately 68 pounds of clothing and textiles each year.
  • Fact #2: Donating your old clothing to charity reduces the needs for landfill space. Textile and clothing thrown in the garbage accounts for about 4.5% of landfill space.
  • Fact #3: A major component of recycling is re-using. By donating your unwanted clothing and household items to charity, you give your old stuff a second life.
  • Fact #4: If your clothes end up in landfills it can do major harm to the environment. Most synthetic fibers do not decompose. Wool and cotton clothing that does decompose produces methane gas which contributes to global warming.