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Go Green, Donate Unwanted Clothes!

Do you ever look in your closet and realize that you don’t even wear half of the clothes in it? Some you don’t wear because they don’t fit anymore, some may have been gifts that turn out to not exactly be your style and others you may have just gotten tired of for one reason or another. No matter what the reason is for not wearing certain items, there is no reason not to donate unwanted clothes. Not only do your donated clothes go to help those in need, your donations can also benefit the environment. Instead of tossing old clothes in the trash, give them a new life and help keep our planet beautiful.

Donating clothes can help organize your life while reducing, reusing and recycling! Everything in our ecosystem is connected to each other. When we donate used clothing we are helping to prevent habitat loss by reducing the amount of trash in our landfills- less trash equals less land used for dumping and more land for our local creatures to thrive. We must work together to make sure beauty of nature is still around for our children and grandchildren to enjoy. This planet and all of its beings urge you to find your favorite charity and schedule a clothing donation pickup today!

Donations Help Support Habitat for Humanity

There are millions of people around the world who are homeless as well as billions of people living in slums. Yesterday I stumbled upon an article that made me realize the harsh reality that these millions of men, woman and children around the world are immersed in disease and poverty everyday. I reached for a glimmer of hope as the article went on to describe one organization that works towards building homes for those who lack this basic necessity. Habitat for Humanity is a non profit organization that strives to eliminate poverty by building simple and affordable housing for those in need. Volunteers and homeowners team up with Habitat for Humanity to build energy efficient and sustainable housing for well deserving people as well as their families.

If you believe in a world where everyone has a decent, safe and affordable place to live, we urge you to donate used household items to the Habitat for Humanity Donation Pickup Service. By scheduling a donation pickup of used household goods, you will help provide much needed support to their efforts in building homes all over the world. Habitat for Humanity depends on volunteers and donations to provide communities with decent housing. Not only will your donations of household items go towards the building of homes, your efforts can also bring confidence and self worth to struggling families.



Donating Shoes Provides Opportunities to Those in Need

My brother has a whole closet dedicated to his shoes! Hiking boots, tennis shoes, work boots, sandals, and soccer cleats fill the overflowing collection. He invited me over yesterday to help organize with the goal of donating shoes fresh in his mind. As we dug through the mountain of shoes I began to imagine where all these donated shoes will go. I pictured a homeless man able to feel prepared on his first day of work as he put on a pair of my brother's old work boots. I saw donated shoes on the feet of a young boy whose family could not afford a new pair for his first day of high school. I imagined my brother’s donated shoes going to a boy living in poverty who needed soccer cleats to join the local team. My brother's shoe donation can help give those in need an opportunity to succeed.

By the end of our organizing, we had two full boxes of shoes ready to go to a good cause. It is always good to stop for a second and think about what we can do to help others. I felt so proud of my brother for donating used shoes because those shoes that he barley ever wore could brighten the future for somebody in need! My brother donated, now we urge you to do your part and schedule a donation pickup.

Donating Stuffed Animals Can Bring Comfort to Children in Need

Today as I did a bit of late spring cleaning I found a few of my daughter’s favorite stuffed animals! I came to the realization that my daughter, now in college, will most likely never play with them again. I began to think of the children whose families can’t afford such toys. Why not give these stuffed animals a new life and child to love and play with? It was at that moment that my daughter and I decided to make a stuffed animal donation. There is no need to stuff them in a dark, lonely box! By donating stuffed animals, we can all give these children in need a reason to smile. Are you still holding on to some of yours or your child’s toys? You can provide comfort and encourage a less fortunate child’s imagination by donating used stuffed animals! Donation Town makes it so simple to find a charity in your area that accepts your toy donations.

So as always I would like to encourage everyone to go find a local charity and schedule a donation pickup today!


New Charities Added in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, Nashville, Ohio, and Kansas City

Donation Town is proud to announce the addition of several new charities to our donation pickup directory. We are adding new charities as fast as we can and we have a waiting list with many more on it. (We are working tirelessly to add as many charities as possible...All charities that are waiting to be included, please be patient with us!) is currently helping charities get more household goods and clothing donations by connecting them with donors who want to donate clothes and household items in all 50 states and Washington D.C. We're helping charities in every major city and suburb as well as many rural areas.

Here is just a sample of some of the great charities we have recently added to our directory:

Salvation Army of Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

The Ft. Lauderdale, Florida Salvation Army is an amazing organization offering a free Florida donation pick up service throughout the Ft. Lauderdale area. Here is some information about the Salvation Army provided by our friends at the The Salvation Army Adult Rehabilitation Center Fort Lauderdale Florida:

The Salvation Army Adult Rehabilitation Center (ARC) is a Christian, non-profit organization committed to providing rehabilitation to individuals dependent on drugs and alcohol. The ARC recognizes that a person's physical, psychological and spiritual needs must be addressed before they can make any real progress towards their recovery.

The Salvation Army maximizes donations by using 83 cents of every dollar donated to provide direct services to help the most people in need. As a result, The Salvation Army is the charity that is doing the most good with contributions of money, time and resources.

The ARC, an entity of The Salvation Army provides a highly effective six to twelve month spiritually based substance abuse program. Admission is voluntary, and participants who find themselves in need of The Salvation Army's rehabilitation facility and benefits receive services at no charge.

Program participants (known as beneficiaries) receive a medical evaluation, nourishing food, housing, structured counseling, and opportunities to participate in sports and other recreational activities.

Individuals who benefit from the ARC program come from all walks of life and backgrounds. Some were affluent professionals; others are high school dropouts. Some are referred by the judicial systems; others by a family member.

But they are not the only ones who be3nefit. For every person struggling with an addiction, at least six (6) others are affected. These include children, siblings, friends, spouses and parents.

The Salvation Army ARC program is funded entirely by the generousity of the community for donations of usable goods to support rehabilitation programs. ARC expenses are funded solely from the revenue generated through our Family Thrift Store operations.

Donation Town strongly encourages you to support the good works of the ARC and schedule a Salvation Army donation pick up today!

Salvation Army of Nashville, TN

Another great Salvation Army chapter that we fully support is the Salvation Army donation pickup service out of Nashville, TN. The ARC programs are doing some very important work in the Nashville are. Here is some information from the good people at the Salvation Army of Nashville, TN:

The Salvation Army Nashville Adult Rehabilitation Center is a holistic treatment program serving Men struggling with addiction.  Our rehabilitation center is funded solely through donated goods, sold at our family stores.

During the May 2010 flood, The Salvation Army Adult Rehabilitation Center which supports and operates the Family Thrift Stores was lost under 5-7 feet of water.  Seventy-eight men were displaced, the fleet of trucks and store inventory were destroyed.  A year later, the center is up and running with a new temporary location, and 5 new trucks ready and waiting to pick up donations.  

With Nashville's continued support through shopping at our Family Stores and donations of gently used clothing, furniture, household items and even cars, The Salvation Army is helping to rebuild the rehabilitation program serving Middle Tennessee.

Please schedule a Nashville Salvation Army donation pick-up today and help change lives!

Easter Seals of Northern Ohio

We love Easter Seals!!! They do so much great work helping people with disabilities. It is so easy to schedule an Easter Seals donation pick up and when you donate clothes and household items to Easter Seals of Northern Ohio, it is a great way to support local children and adults with disabilities. Check out some of the great things that Easter Seals of Northern Ohio is up to:

Easter Seals has, for more than 80 years, provided services to children and adults with disabilities and special needs, and their families. Easter Seals Northern Ohio's commitment to help children and adults with disabilities live with equality, dignity and independence is carried out through programs in four service areas:  Medical Services, Home and Community Based Services, Educational Services and Recreational Services.

For over 30 years, Easter Seals Northern Ohio has provided speech-language therapy services throughout the region.  Services are available year-round for children birth through school age, promoting early identification, diagnosis and treatment of communication disorders.  In addition to year round services, we offer specialized summer programs designed to maintain or increase skills learned during the school year.

Heartland Habitat for Humanity in the Kansas City area

Home is where the heart is...And Heartland Habitat for Humanity has a lot of heart! This charity literally puts roofs over people's heads. Awesome!

The Mission of Heartland Habitat for Humanity:

To build simple, decent homes and communities in Wyandotte, Johnson and Leavenworth Counties in Kansas, and Clay and Platte Counties in Missouri, in partnership with God’s people in need, while following biblical principles.


What is the ReStore? It’s the Heartland Habitat for Humanity public retail outlet that sells quality new and used surplus building materials, priced at 20- to 80-percent off retail! All items in our store are donated, including fixtures, furniture, appliances and construction materials.

The net income received helps fund the construction of additional Heartland Habitat homes and communities.

ReStore also helps our area stay green by re-channeling and re-using good, functional materials instead of adding them to landfills – to the tune of more than 2,000 tons annually!

The Heartland Habitat ReStore is a wonderful place to purchase materials you need for personal tasks at very affordable prices. Plus, you’ll be making a positive impact on the Heartland Habitat mission and our local environment.

New Charities Added in Denver, Dallas, Reno, Maryland, and Oregon

Donation Town is proud to announce the addition of new charities to our donation pick up directory. We've added hundreds in the past year and we have a waiting list with dozens more on it. (We are working tirelessly to add as many charities as possible...All charities that are waiting to be included, please bear with us!) is currently helping charities get more household goods and clothing donations in all 50 states and Washington D.C. We're helping charities in every major city and suburb as well as many rural areas.

Here is just a sample of some of the great charities we have recently added:

African Community Center

This is a Denver donation pick up charity that supports African refugee resettlement.

The Family Place

This is a Dallas area donation pick up charity that offers programs that address emotional and physical abuse. The Family Place provides free, comprehensive services that prevent violence and fully support women, children and men on their path from fear to safety. The Family Place was the first family violence prevention agency in the Dallas area.

In its 33-year history, The Family Place has counseled more than 175,000 clients, provided lifesaving shelter to more than 18,000 women, children and men, and answered more than 450,000 calls for help. The Family Place has helped more than 15,000 batterers learn how to change their abusive behavior and reaches more than 10,000 students each year through its youth education programs. All of the client services at The Family Place are available in Spanish and English.

Washoe Ability Resource Center

This is a Reno donation pick up charity that has been helping people with disabilities since 1953. They helps people with disabilities learn job training skills and have a rewarding experience. WARC provides jobs and day training, supported employment opportunities, Life Enrichment Programs (LEP), and an overall great life experience.

Habitat for Humanity of Montgomery County

This is a greater Washington D.C. donation pick up charity that offers decent and affordable homeownership opportunities in Montgomery County, MD. Low Income families are given the opportunity to purchase their own simple, decent, affordable home.

The Arc Lane County

This is an Oregon donation pick up charity that serves children with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Their Community Donation Center Project is a unique, mission-based venture and is a vital funding source for the Arc's work through the collection of used clothing, small household items and furniture. All proceeds from the donations pick up service they offer will go directly to The Arc of Lane County to provide hands-on programs like respite care, after school and summer recreation programs for children with intellectual and developmental disabilities.





Welcome Facebook Friends!

Everyone here at Donation Town would like to wlecome all of our Facebook friends. We've recently made a big splash on Facebook and have added hundreds of Donation Town fans in a matter of weeks. Thanks for your support!

Obviously, we recognize that our fans don't just love the website....You guys love the free donation pick up service that all of these great charities offer. We would like to encourage you to become a Facebook "fan" of the charities you support as well.

Building an online community has always been one of our goals. We love sharing information about donating clothes and household items to charity. We also love communicating with like-minded people who share our passion for helping charities. So, feel free to drop us a line on Facebook anytime. We'd love to hear from you!

If you still haven't become a Fan of Donation Town, please visit us at:

Check out Peter Walsh's New Show & Book!

Lighten_up_clutter_book                                enough_already_tv_show

Donation Town is a huge supporter of the work that Peter Walsh is doing to clear the clutter out of everyone's life. You might know Peter from his frequent appearances on the Oprah Winfrey Show or his best selling books, such as "It's All Too Much". (Going back even further, I'm sure many of you will also remember him from Clean Sweep on TLC. I love that show!)

We would like to encourage everyone to check out "Enough Already! with Peter Walsh" on the Oprah Winfrey Network. It's on Mondays at 8/7c.

Also, his latest book Lighten Up was just released in December 2010. It is a wonderful resource and I'm sure it will encourage you to "create space for what really matters".

Peter has been a great friend to Donation Town. We're glad to have him as an ally as we fight to TURN CLUTTER INTO KINDNESS!

Donate Clothes By Shopping at Bonobos

We came across a really cool new way to donate clothes to charity: Shopping at There is a new website call where you can get a Bononbos coupon that will give all new customers $50 off a purchase of $100+ AND make a $50 new clothing donation to Career Gear.

Do the math...This is an awesome promotion and both Bonobos and should be commended. You spend $100. You immediately get $50 off. Career Gear immediately gets a $50 new clothing donation. Very cool!

Career Gear is a great charity that provides business clothing for people trying to get a fresh start at a new job who can't afford business suits. has decided to donate 100% of the proceeds from their Bonobos referral codes to Career Gear.

So, even though the focus of Donation Town has always been used clothing donation pick ups, we wanted to take this opportunity to spread the news about the good work of some other generous websites. Check out their exclusive Bonobos coupon code that benefits Career Gear.

Do you know of a cool new website that is helping charities? Let us know!

Update: The guys said if you want to go directly to and start using their referral code here is the link:


Is There a Goodwill Donation Pick Up Service in My City?

This is a question that people often ask. What we have learned is that in most cities Goodwill asks its donors to drop off donations at one of their Goodwill donation centers, drop boxes or bins. According to, they may make an exception for furniture or larger items. Primarily it appears that they prefer you find a Goodwill drop off center. For this reason, Donation Town is currently working on building a sister website just for donation drop off information. 

Donation Town is aware of some Goodwill donation pick up services in a few communities throughout the country. We have been asked by Goodwill Industries to not include the contact information for these Good Will donation pick up services in our free directory here at though. We'd like to encourage you to visit your local Yellow Pages for more information about your local Goodwill.

New Cities for Donation Pick Up - Los Angeles, Pittsburgh, Detroit, Philadelphia, Miami

Donation Town is rapidly expanding across the country! Our directory lists charities in all 50 states and all major cities. We are adding new cities and new charities to our directory on a regular basis. All of this is being done so that donors like you can easily find a charity to donate clothing or household items to.

We're proud of the work that is occurring in some of the new cities we're trying to expand into. Some of these cities include the Los Angeles donation pick up, Pittsburgh donation pick up and Detroit donation pick up services. We are also breaking into the Philadelphia donation pick up and Miami donation pick up scene.

As always, Donation Town owes everything to all of the great people who have volunteered their time and energy to help us spread the message that EVERYONE should donate their unwanted stuff to charity. It's easy, good for the environment, and it helps out some great charities.


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