American Kidney Fund, Atlanta, GA – Thrift Store and Charity Information

Make clothing donations, household items donations, and furniture donations to the American Kidney Fund in Atlanta, GA by scheduling a free American Kidney Fund donation pick-up. You can find Kidney donation pick up scheduling information by using the Donation Town charit y directory.

Introducing the American Kidney Fund Thrift Store of Atlanta, GA

doctors-medical-cancer-donation_smallAmerican Kidney Fund is an organization that seeks to fight kidney disease. Since 1971, they have been working directly with patients in need and the American people, through financial assistance, education about kidney disease for groups that are at risk, and with prevention methods and public awareness. The American Kidney Fund is recognized nationally as a leading health charity. In 2008, the American Kidney Fund distributed close to $120 million in treatment-related grants.

In Atlanta, Georgia, the American Kidney Services helps support the causes of the American Kidney Fund. The American Kidney Services is a tax-exempt organization that donates all of its proceeds to the American Kidney Fund, to help in their battle against kidney disease and community awareness. The American Kidney Services in Atlanta, GA runs the American Kidney Services Thrift Store. The Thrift Store is stocked by community member’s donations, which customers, who benefit from affordable prices, support with their purchases. All proceeds of the AKS Thrift Store are given to the American Kidney Fund. Schedule your American Kidney Fund of Atlanta donation pickup today!

American Kidney Fund – Charitable Services

The services and programs provided by the American Kidney Fund help kidney disease patients, education of kidney disease and prevention methods. The services and programs offered include:

  • Direct, treatment-related financial assistance to patients with kidney disease
  • Health Insurance Premium Program grants, Medicare Part D grants, Safety Net grants
  • Health brochure series for awareness
  • medical-doctor-cancer-donation-clothing_smallToll-free HelpLine
  • Advocacy for patients with kidney disease and those who are at risk
  • The MIKE program; Minority Intervention and Kidney Education
  • Education for renal health professionals
  • Clinical research fellowships
  • Nationwide art competition and “camperships” for children who have kidney disease

All of the programs and services provided by the American Kidney Fund and the free donation pick up service are conducted with financial efficiency. Approximatley 96 cents for every dollar is spent on the programs, rather than overhead.

American Kidney Fund – Acceptable Donations

Acceptable donations for the American Kidney Services Thrift Store includes all reusable clothing, household items, furniture and most other items around your home, in your closets, and your garages. For all your American Kidney Fund clothing donations you should receive tax deduction receipts.

The American Kidney Fund Thrift Stores of Atlanta Accept the Following Types of Donations

  • Clothing Donations
  • Furniture Donations
  • Donate Household Items
  • and more…

American Kidney Fund – Donation Pick Up Area

The Atlanta, GA donation pick up area for the American Kidney Services Thrift Stores includes all of Atlanta and Fulton County. Cities around Atlanta that are included are Alpharetta, Chattahoochee Hills, College Park, East Point, Fairburn, Hapeville, Johns Creek, Milton, Mountain Park, Palmetto, Roswell, Sandy Springs, Union City, and all the areas in between.

Schedule a American Kidney Fund Foundation Clothing, Furniture or Household Item Donation

Help the American Kidney Fund today by scheduling a free Atlanta donation pick up. The Donation Town charity directory will give you all the scheduling details. When you schedule your free American Kidney Fund of Atlanta clothes donation pickup online, your American Kidney Services donations are be picked up at the time and place of your convenience. Upon pick-up you should receive a tax-deductible receipt for your American Kidney Fund of Atlanta donations. Donating to charities like the American Kidney Fund has never been easier or more rewarding. Clean out your closet and schedule your free Atlanta clothing donation pickup now!