AMVETS of Tennessee Thrift Stores and Charity Information

AMVETS of Tennessee is ready for your Amvets donation pick up. Make furniture donations, household items donations, and clothing donations to AMVETS of Tennessee by scheduling a free Knoxville, Memphis or Nashville donation pick-up. Donation Town will give you all the information you need to schedule an Amvets donation pick up. Visit the donation pick up scheduling webpage!

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AMVETS of Tennessee assists our war veterans in readjusting back into their civilian lives. AMVETS of TN works as advocates for veterans as well as helping them transition back into normal society. To help fund the various programs offered by AMVETS, they operate thrift stores all over the United States. AMVETS of Tennessee thrift stores service all of Knoxville, Memphis and Nashville, TN. AMVETS thrift stores are full of quality goods at low prices. The profits made from the AMVETS thrift stores are used to give back to our country’s veterans for their services to our country. Donating clothing to AMVETS of Tennessee is so easy when you use Donation Town. Visit the Donation Pick Up Scheduling webpage.

AMVETS of Tennessee Charitable Services

With the profits from the AMVETS of Tennessee thrift stores in Memphis, Knoxville and Nashville, AMVETS provides several charitable services to and for our veterans. Some of the programs are:

  • Healing Heroes
  • Scholarships
  • Special Olympics
  • Americanism educational program for youth
  • Memorial Carillon, living memorial for deceased veterans

AMVETS of Tennessee Acceptable Donations

Schedule a Nashville, Memphis or Knoxville, Tennessee clothes donation pickup now! AMVETS of Tennessee accepts a variety of donations including household goods donations, clothes donations, and furniture donations. Donate clothes without having to transport them yourself. All donations should be tax-deductible (consult your CPA though) and the charity is responsible for leaving you a tax deduction receipt when your donations are picked up from your location. Make your Amvets of Tennessee clothing donation pickup appointment today!

AMVETS of Tennessee Thrift Stores in Memphis, Knoxville and Nashville Accept the Following Types of Donations

  • Donate Clothes to Amvets of Tennessee
  • Donate Furniture to Amvets of Tennessee
  • Household Goods Donations to Amvets of Tennessee
  • Donate Kitchenware to Amvets of Tennessee
  • Donate Toys to Amvets of Tennessee
  • and So Much More …

AMVETS of Tennessee Donation Pick Up Area

AMVETS of Tennessee Thrift Centers operate in Nashville, Memphis and Knoxville. Schedule a free AMVETS of Tennessee donation pick-up. In return the charity is supposed to give you a tax deduction receipt upon pick up. Donate clothes and more today!

Schedule an AMVETS of Tennessee Clothing Donation, Furniture Donation or Household Item Donation Pick Up

Donating in Tennessee has never been this convenient. You can schedule a free AMVETS of Tennessee donation pickup for the time and place that is most convenient! If you would like to donate clothing, furniture, or other household items, then Amvets of Tennessee is a great option for your donation pick up needs. Schedule your Memphis, Nashville or Knoxville donation pickup today!