Brother Charlie Rescue Center, Tifton, GA - Thrift Store and Charity Information

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Introducing the Brother Charlie Rescue Center Thrift Store in Tifton, GA

Schedule donation pickup through Charlie Rescue Center, Inc. in Tifton, Georgia is a non-profit, faith-based charity that operates a shelter, transitional housing and a thrift store. Brother Charlie Rescue Center in Tifton, GA serves homeless and troubled men in Tift County. BCRC is home to Crossway Addiction Ministries, Inc. Together, Brother Charlie Rescue Center and Crossway Addiction Ministries, provide the essential services to get homeless and drug-addicted men on their feet and in stable, healthy situations.

Helping to fund the programs and services offered by Brother Charlie Rescue Center, the BCRC Thrift Store sells donated household items and clothing at affordable prices. The Brother Charlie Rescue Center Thrift Store is located in downtown Tifton and is a main source of income for Brother Charlie Rescue Mission. Schedule your Brother Charlie Rescue Center of Tifton donation pickup today!

Brother Charlie Rescue Center - Charitable Services

The services provided by Brother Charlie Rescue Center are all directed towards men in the Tift County community who need help, long and short term to rehabilitate themselves. Services offered by Brother Charlie Rescue Center include:

  • Homeless Shelter; offers emergency shelter and care; provides all the essential living needs in a clean, safe living environment; rehab evaluations, and job searching
  • Transitional Housing Program; private living for men who have completed the homeless shelter or rehab program and are preparing for independent living
  • Crossway Addiction Ministries, Inc.; long-term, intensive substance abuse rehabilitation program for drug and alcohol addicted men

Brother Charlie Rescue Center - Acceptable Donations

Brother Charlie Rescue Center clothing donations to the Brother Charlie Thrift Store directly help drug-affected and homeless men in the community. Your BCRC donations should be tax-deductible (consult your CPA though!) and you'll receive a tax deduction receipt for your BCRC household good donations.

Brother Charlie Rescue Center of Tifton, GA Accepts the Following Types of Donations

  • Household Items Donations
  • Furniture Donations
  • Donate Small Appliances
  • Clothing Donations
  • and More!

Brother Charlie Rescue Center - Donation Pick Up Area

The donation pick up area for the Brother Charlie Rescue Center Thrift Store include all of Tift County and Tifton, GA. Other cities included in the Brother Charlie Rescue Center of Tifton clothes donation pick up area are Omega, Ty Ty, Chula, Phillipsburg and Unionville. No matter where in Tift County your household item donations are, Brother Charlie Rescue Center can pick them up at no cost to you!

Schedule a Brother Charlie Rescue Center Clothing, Furniture or Household Item Donation

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