Disabled American Veterans, Kansas City, Missouri

The Disabled American Veterans of Kansas City has been providing services for disabled American veterans and their families since 1920 through the DAV of Missouri charity group. The donation pick up program for the Kansas City area utilizes clothing donations and furniture donations in their efforts to build a better life for America’s disabled veterans and their families. The Disabled American Veterans Organization of Kansas City, Missouri is funded solely by dues and charitable contributions. Your donated items will be used by veterans and their families in need. Proceeds generated by the sale of your donations will be used to fund programs that provide help for these individuals.

Kansas City, MO Donation Pick up ProgramDisabled American Veterans of Kansas City furniture donation pick up for the DAV.

The Kansas City Missouri donation pickup program allows individuals in the Kansas City, MO area to help local disabled veterans and enable them to lead fulfilling lives. The DAV donation pick up service is for clothing donations, household item donations and more for those living in Kansas City and its surrounding areas. Donations acquired via the Disabled American Veterans donation pick up program directly affect the lives of disable Veterans and their families in the Kansas City area. It’s easy to schedule a donation pick up of your household goods donations, clothing donations, etc. by visiting the DonationTown.org  donation pick up directory.  This program offers the pick up donation service to several Kansas City areas including Wornall, North Oak, Independence, Joplin and St. Joseph.

Making a Donation to DAV of Kansas City

If you would like to help DAV support local disabled veterans with a donation via their donation pick-up program, please visit the Donation Town donation pick-up directory. At this time, Disabled American Veterans is in need of the following:
Clothing donations
Baby clothing donations
Cloth donations (bedding, towels)
Jewelry donations
Toy donations
Shoe donations
Book donations (no textbooks)
Game donations
Computer donations
Small electrical appliance donations
Furniture donations (no dishwashers, waterbeds)

At this time DAV is not in need of cars, textbooks, plants, large furniture items and large electrical equipment. All of your donations should be tax deductible and the driver is responsible for leaving you a receipt at your door after picking up the donated items. Make sure all donations are clearly labeled DAV or Disabled American Veterans on your scheduled pick up day.

Schedule a Donation Pick Up

Visit the donation directory at DonationTown.org today to learn how to help the local Disabled Veteran in the Kansas City donation pick up area. You can find more details regarding acceptable donation items and how to go about scheduling a pick up for these items.