Family Outfitters of Families in Transition, Manchester, NH - Thrift Store and Charity Information

Donate clothing, furniture donations and household item donations to Families in Transition through the Family Outfitters Thrift Store in Manchester, NH by scheduling a free Manchester donation pick-up.  Donation Town is your #1 resource for donation pick up scheduling information. Simply enter your zip code on the donation pick up scheduling webpage. It is so easy!

Introducing the Family Outfitters Thrift Store of Families in Transition of Manchester, NH

Schedule donation pickup through Outfitters of Manchester, New Hampshire is a thrift store that serves as an employment and training program for participants and alumni of the Families in Transition program. The revenue created by the Family Outfitters Thrift Store of Manchester, NH helps support the programs of Families in Transition. Families in Transition of Manchester, is a non-profit charity that seeks to provide safe and affordable housing, and social services to individuals and families that are homeless, or at the risk of being homeless. The goal of Families in Transition is to enable at risk families to become self-sufficient and feel a sense of dignity. Family Outfitters of Manchester gives much of store profits to Families in Transitions. Participants of Families in Transition are also given vouchers to the buy Families in Transition of Manchester clothing donations and other household item donations in the Family Outfitters Thrift Store.

Family Outfitters of Families in Transition - Charitable Services

Families in Transition of Manchester, NH provides a variety of services to homeless families and individuals, and families and individuals who are at risk of becoming homeless. Services provided include:

  • Wrap-Around Supportive Services; comprehensive supportive services to break the cycle of homelessness, which includes therapy, case management, educational workshops, and personal case plan goals
  • Youth programming; after-school programs for homework assistance, summer and school vacation activities and events
  • Safe, affordable housing for each participant
  • Family Outfitters Thrift Store

When times are difficult, families in the Manchester area need your charitable donations more than ever. Schedule your Manchester, NH donation pick up right now! Your Families in Transition of Manchester donation pickup will help get Manchester families back on track.

Family Outfitters - Acceptable Donations

Families in Transition of Manchester, New Hampshire works with the Family Outfitters Thrift Store. Family Outfitters is stocked with Families in Transition of Manchester clothing donations and household item donations by community member's charitable donations. Items are sold at low costs to raise money to support Families in Transition as well as for participants of Families in Transition to get the necessary clothing donations and household items for normal home lives.

Family Outfitters of Manchester Accepts the Following Types of Donations

  • Furniture Donations
  • Donate Kitchenware
  • Donate Linens
  • Clothing Donations
  • and More!

Your charitable donations will help Families in Transition fund their programs to help at risk families become self-sufficient. Additionally, your clothing donations can directly help the homeless or those at risk of becoming homeless, who receive vouchers to use at the Family Outfitters Thrift Shop. Schedule your Family Outfitters donation pickup today.

Family Outfitters - Families in Transition Donation Pick Up Area

The clothing donation and furniture donation pickup area for the Family Outfitters Thrift Store encompasses all of Manchester, NH and Hillsborough County. Cities included in Hillsborough County and the Manchester clothing donation pick up area for Family Outfitters Thrift Store are Amherst, Bedford, Brookline, Greenville, Hillsborough, Merrimack, New Boston and a number of other cities in the Hillsborough County area.

Schedule a Family Outfitters Clothing Donation, Furniture Donation or Household Item Donation

You can schedule your Families in Transition of Manchester clothes donation pickup online for the time and place of your convenience. Donating to Families in Transition of Manchester is easier than ever. You can schedule a free clothing donation or household item donation pickup all over Hillsborough County, to help support the Family Outfitters of Manchester, NH Thrift Store and Families in Transition. Your Families in Transition clothing donations will be picked up from your home or business at the time best for you. Your Family Outfitters donations should be tax-deductible (consult your CPA though!). In exchange you will receive a tax-deductible receipt for your Family Outfitters of Manchester clothing donations.

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