Donate to the Homeless

Help homeless charities by donating items through a donation with a charity that is fighting poverty and homelessness. There are many charities working hard to end poverty in America. These charities that serve the homeless will come to your home and pick-up your clothing donations, shoe donations, household items donations and furniture donations.

There are many charity groups that help the homeless that will pick up donations. These wonderful charities run homeless shelters and work with homeless veterans, homeless women, and homeless youth. So, if you would like to help the homeless, donate clothes, shoes, furniture, or other household items to one of these homeless donation pickup charities:

Donation pick up service is available in many communities throughout the United States. Our Donation Town directory will help you connect with one in your area. Homeless clothing donations go to benefit the goals and missions of supporting homeless and poverty-related causes. Schedule a homeless clothing donation pick-up today!

Homeless donation pick ups are free, easy and tax deductible. Help the homeless today!

Visit the Homeless Charities in our Directory

1 American Rescue Workers of Canton, Ohio
2 Atlanta Union Mission of Atlanta,Georgia
3 Crossroads Mission of Yuma, Arizona
4 Helping Hands of Bentonville, AR
5 Las Vegas Rescue Mission
6 Metrocrest Social Services Carrollton TX
7 Prairie Harvest Human Services Foundation, Grand Forks, North Dakota
8 Salvation Army Donation Pickup
9 Salvation Army of Southern California
10 Stepping Stones Emergency Shelter of Prescott, AZ
11 The Salvation Army of Augusta, GA
12 The Salvation Army of Greater Baltimore
13 The Salvation Army of Green Bay, WI
14 The Salvation Army of Jackson, MS
15 The Salvation Army of Salt Lake City, UT
16 Valley Rescue Mission of Georgia

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