Hospice of Humboldt, Arcata, CA – Thrift Store and Charity Information

Help support Hospice Shop, the Hospice of Humboldt of Arcata, CA Thrift Shop by scheduling a free Arcata donation pick up. Donation Town has all the information you need to schedule a Hospice of Humboldt donation pickup. Donate clothing, household item donations and furniture donations by going to the donation pick up scheduling webpage and entering your zip code!

Introducing Hospice Shop, the Hospice of Humboldt Thrift Store

Schedule donation pickup through DonationTown.org.Hospice of Humboldt provides a special kind of hospice care for its patients and their loved ones. Hospice of Humboldt saw its first patient in 1979 and has been servicing the communities of Humboldt and Arcata, California ever since. It is a non-profit, stand-alone organization that is not affiliated with any hospitals or medical practice. Hospice care is for patients that are in their last stage of life and need heartfelt care and support, often around the clock.

Because Hospice of Humboldt serves anyone who is in need of their services as well as free bereavement services, they rely heavily on donations, fundraising and clothing or household item donations to their thrift shop, Hospice Shop, to support their services. The proceeds from Hospice Shop help fund the services provided by Hospice of Humboldt.

Hospice of Humboldt – Charitable Services

Hospice of Humboldt offers a range of services surrounding end of life situations for their patients and their families. To begin with, Hospice of Humboldt of Arcata, California offers free Information visits for end of life planning and evaluations of patients. Once a patient is enrolled in the Hospice of Humboldt program, they will receive all the necessary medical attention and support needed for end of life care. Each patient will have a program tailored for his or her specific needs.

Additionally, Hospice of Humboldt offers various forms of support for when the patient reaches end of life, including counseling and support groups, as well taking care of the bereavement services. Hospice of Humboldt is an important organization in Arcata and the greater Humboldt County and you can help support it with your Hospice of Humboldt clothing donations or household item donation pickup today.

Hospice of Humboldt – Acceptable Donations

Schedule a free Hospice of Humboldt donation pickup right away! Your clothing donations and household item donations are needed. In order to help support the services that Hospice of Humboldt provides, they operate a thrift store in Arcata full of your donations. Acceptable donations for the Hospice of Humboldt thrift store include clothing donations, book donations, and jewelry donations. You can even donate furniture without the hassles of transporting bulky items. Hospice of Humboldt of Arcata donations should be tax-deductible (consult your CPA to be certain!).

Hospice of Humboldt of Arcata, CA Accepts the Following Types of Donations

  • Donate Clothes
  • Local Artist’s Artwork Donations
  • Furniture Donations
  • Household Item Donations
  • Book Donations
  • Donate Jewelry
  • and More!

Hospice of Humboldt – Clothes Donation Pick Up Area

The free Hospice of Humboldt of Arcata clothes donation pick-up area includes parts of Arcata and the larger Humboldt County, California. Other cities of Humboldt County that are included are Blue Lake, Crescent City, Eureka, Ferndale, Fortuna, McKinleyville, Rio Dell, and Trinidad. Throughout these cities, your clothing donations or furniture donations can be picked up once you schedule an Arcata, CA donation pick up online.

Schedule a Hospice of Humboldt Clothing Donation, Furniture Donation or Household Item Donation Pick Up

It has never been easier to help support Hospice of Humboldt. Donation Town is your resource for information on how to schedule a free Arcata clothing donation pickup all over Humboldt County. You can schedule a free Hospice of Humboldt donation pickup for the time and place that is most convenient. Avoid the hassles of transporting your Humboldt furniture donations by scheduling your Hospice Shop donation pick up today!