Texas Paralyzed Veterans of America: Donate Clothes, Shoes, Bedding, and Small Household Appliances


By supporting the Texas Paralyzed Veterans of America, you are supporting those members of the armed forces who have sacrificed for their country. Year after year, the Texas Paralyzed Veterans of America (TPVA) have been collecting your generous clothes donations in order to operate their amazing charity. The Texas Paralyzed Veterans happily take your clothing donations, bedding donations, and household appliance donations through their Family Thrift stores. The charity helps provide services and fellowship for veterans across Texas. By scheduling a Texas Paralyzed Veterans donation pick up, you will help the TPVA provide veterans with the opportunities to work and play in their community. Due to the TPVA, many veterans now play basketball, play baseball, do weightlifting, fish, hunt, ski, swim, and participate in many other recreational activities. In addition, the TPVA is an advocacy group that fights for the rights of veterans those with disabilities. Schedule your free donation pick up today!


Texas Paralyzed Veterans of America Charity Information

veteran-soldier-smile-furniture-donations_SmallWhen you donate clothes and household items, you make it possible for The Texas Paralyzed Veterans of America to help our veterans thrive in mainstream society.  The TPVA helps veterans around Texas through the following activities:

  • Assistance with transportation and housing
  • Helping with employment searches
  • Sponsoring sports activities including a winter ski clinic
  • Sponsoring family recreation activities
  • Providing wheelchairs to athletes with accessibility issues
  • Helping pass legislation to assist paralyzed veterans


Texas Paralyzed Veterans Thrift Store: Donations Accepted and Not Accepted


The TPVA operates several Family Thrift Stores, which will happily accept the following donations:


Texas Paralyzed Veterans of America: Donation Pick up Areas

tx_geo_donation-town-landmarkYour clothes donation and kitchen appliance donation will make a big difference in the lives of veterans in Texas. The Texas Paralyzed Veterans of America proudly operate in Austin, Brownsville, Fort Worth, Garland, Houston, Corpus Christi, and San Antonio. Learn how to schedule a Donation Pick up in your area with Donation Town. All you have to do is enter your zip code on the donation pick up scheduling webpage. The Veterans provide the donation pick up for free!



Schedule a Texas Paralyzed Veterans of America Donation Pick Up!

Scheduling a free donation pick up with the Texas Paralyzed Veterans of America is easy. Choose the best time and place for your donation pick up, and the charity will happily come collect your donations. Consult your CPA for your tax questions, but all donations should be tax deductible. The TPVA will be responsible for leaving you a tax deduction receipt.  Schedule a free donation pickup today!