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Delaware donation pickup.Donate clothes and other household items in Delaware. Charities such as AMVETS, Catholic Charities, Vietnam Veterans of America, and more will pick up your donations for free and leave you a tax deduction receipt. allows you to schedule online appointments for Delaware donation pick ups. It has never been so convenient to make charitable donations in Delaware until now.

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Delaware State Information

Delaware lies on the Atlantic Coastal Plain, and with only 1,954 square miles it is the second smallest state in the United States. Delaware is divided into 3 counties, New Castle, Kent, and Sussex, and Dover is the state capital. Known as the First State because it was the first state to sign the US Constitution, Delaware’s slogan is fittingly “It’s Good To be First.”

The Dutch were the first settlers of the area that is now known as Delaware, all of whom were killed in a fight with the local Native American population. After Sweden and then the Dutch again took control, the British, led by the Duke of York, forced out the Dutch and established a reign of British control which lasted until the American Revolution. Delaware’s economy was driven by a large population of slaves and British indentured servants, and consisted mainly of the cash crop tobacco, and then gradually various agrigultural products. With encouragement from the local Quakers and Methodists, many slaveownders freed their slaves after the Revolution. By the time of the Civil War, almost 92% of Delaware’s slaves had already been freed. Today, Delaware’s largest ancestral ethnic population is African American.

Delaware is a wonderful place for recreational activities such as bird watching, hunting, camping, fishing, hiking, cycling, and canoeing. Other highlights of Delaware are the cobblestone streets and other remnants of 17th century colonial life in New Castle, the Dover International Speedway where NASCAR races are held, and tax free shopping.

Delaware is also home to some wonderful charities, such as Vietnam Veterans of America and AMVETS, all of whom rely upon regular donations of clothing, household items and other things that raise money for those in need. Schedule your online Delaware donation pick up today, and rest easy with the knowledge that you are helping people who need it.

Donate Almost Anything

Most of the charities in the Delaware Donation Town directory will come and pick up the following donations:

  • Donate clothes in DelawareClothing Donations in Delaware
  • Furniture Donations in Delaware
  • Donate Shoes in Delaware
  • Donate Toys in Delaware
  • Donate Books in Delaware
  • Household items Donations in Delaware
  • …and Much More!

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Where Can I Donate Clothes, Furniture, Books and Other Household Goods in Delaware?

Charities in our directory accept your clothing donations and other household goods donations from the following Delaware counties and cities:

New Castle County

Bethany Beach, Millsboro, City, Milton, Delmar, Newark, Dewey Beach, New Castle, Dover, Ocean View, Fenwick Island, Rehoboth Beach, Georgetown, Seaford, Lewes, Smyrna, Middletown, South Bethany, Milford, Wilmington

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