Donation Town Testimonials

Donation Town would like to thank all the wonderful donors, charities and volunteers that have supported our mission. Together we are making a difference! Charities are getting some great donations and we are all helping to keep clothing and household items out of landfills.

Here are a few satisfied supporters of Donation Town:

“I think it is a fabulous resource and I can’t wait to share this resource with my clients.”

  – M.Cruz, Los Angeles Professional Organizer

“What a great website and so helpful to so many! As a professional organizer, this is a great resource to share!”

  – Grace B., Santa Rosa Professional Organizer

“Great idea!!!”

– Janet from Bartlett, IL

“We appreciate your efforts in helping people donate and reuse items, keeping them out of closets and landfills and giving them new life with someone who really needs it.”

– Brandi from Austin, TX

“Great work and service you offer.  Now I don’t have to take those donations in my car anymore!!!”

   – Karon from Houston, TX

“My clients will be very happy to hear about this.”

– Sheila M., Tucson Professional Organizer

“This is great! We are always in the market to help our clients find local charities than can use items they no longer need. The fact that you pick up is even better!!”

– Tammy A., Houston Professional Organizer

“It is great to be able to easily schedule a pickup of donations. Thanks!”

– Steven G. from Dallas, TX

“What a great organization!”

– Lisa R. from Phoenix, AZ

“Donation Town is a great idea. What a wondeful service. Thanks for helping me schedule a donation pick up.”

– Tricia P. from Las Vegas, NV

“What a great cause with so much benefit! Scheduling was easy and I like that it’s good for the environment.”

– Lynn S. from Hartford, CT

“Everything went great and they dropped off a bag for next time along with a tax receipt. Thank you!”

– June S. from Los Angeles, CA

“Having worked for non-profits for 15 years I understand the importance of philanthropy. This is a fantastic resource!”

– MaryLynn S. from Tucson, AZ

“Very Cool!”

– Eve B. from Santa Barbara, CA

“Great to have services like this.”

– Jennifer W. from  Lake Tapps, WA

“I just used your service online to schedule a donation pick-up. What a great idea!It’s always been so hard to know where to take things.”

– Brandie K. from Vancouver, WA

“This is fantastic!”

– Leslie S. from Seattle, WA

“Awesome! Absolutely love it!!”

– Jennifer R. from Newbury Park, CA

“Love this idea.  Thanks so much!”

– Julie M. from Lake Oswego, OR

“One of the biggest frustrations I have as an organizer is finding local charities that actually offer donation pick up. Donation Town is such a great resource and is a big help!”

– Julie H., Calabasas, CA Professional Organizer

“Wow!  What a wonderful service.”

– Alice M. from San Jose, CA

“This is great. It saved me from loading up all my donations in my car and driving to the Goodwill. This donation pick up was so convenient!!”

– Katherina B. from Sacramento, CA