Charity Events and Non-Profit News

With so many charities in North America, it is no wonder that there are lots of charity events!  Below are a few blogs that we like that can help keep you up to date on recent non-profit news.

GreatNonprofits provides the general public with community-sourced feedback about non-profits to help consumers reach a fuller understanding of the work that these organizations do within the communities they serve. The site also has an extensive blog that is informative, engaging, and covers a wide variety of issues relating to altruism, charitable giving, and the social good.
Charity Navigator evaluates and ranks many charities, helping you decide which organizations to support with your donations, time, and contributions. On this blog you’ll find thorough giving guides with helpful tips, taxable contribution deadline reminders, and lists of charities serving specific causes that you care about.
Mom Bloggers for Social Good is a coalition of mothers and writers  across the world who are committed to using social media and their collective voice to further awareness of a variety of social issues of global concern. The blog contains infographics highlighting noteworthy causes and information for readers about how to get involved.