Donate a Dress to Charity

For so many people, weddings, proms and other special occasions are unforgettable moments to be treasured for a lifetime. Yet the considerable expenses associated with these occasions — the wedding venue, the prom ticket, the dinner, the accessories, the hairdo — make them far out of reach for some young women.

Donate a dress to charity and help make a dream come true will connect you to a charity near you that will welcome your wedding or prom dress donation, and help you schedule a fast, free pickup of your items.donate a prom dress

Donating a prom dress

Donate a dress so that a young woman who otherwise wouldn’t be able to can attend her high school prom. While every day some young women find themselves in difficult situations with little money or support, others, faced with the growing expenses of a junior and senior year of high school, must budget college applications and a college education, or a way to make it work in awaiting workforce. Special occasions like a wedding and high school prom should be accessible to all young women who wish to enjoy them, and not just for those with enough resources. Donate a wedding dress or a prom dress to enable someone in need to enjoy one of these magical milestones. Donate a prom dress to a young woman who spends her after-school hours working to support her budget-strapped family with no room for extras. Donate a dress so that a homeless student, scraping by each day on her own or with a single parent, can enjoy a fun, normal night out with her classmates, miles away from her daily struggles. Donate a dress to enable a young woman whose family is facing unexpected tough times to spend a special evening out with friends. So many young women, for a range of reasons, simply can’t afford to attend their high school prom. Donate a prom dress. Donate dress shoes. Donate jewelry. Donate accessories. Donate hair accessories. Donate bags and purses.

Donating a wedding dress

Donate a wedding dress to charity to make that most special day possible for another woman in your community. The astronomical costs of weddings these days are no secret, and every little bit of assistance helps. Donate a wedding dress. Donate a bridesmaid dress. Donate a mother-of-the-bride dress. Donate a flower girl dress. Donate a veil. Donate wedding shoes. Donate a bag or purse. Donate wedding jewelry. Donate wedding accessories. Donate a shawl or jacket. A number of charities collect wedding dresses for a range of important causes, supporting women with an incarcerated parent, women with breast cancer, women who are working hard to make ends meet, women with special needs, or women in transition. Donate a dress to help these women enjoy a wonderful wedding day.

Where can I donate a dress? has a database of hundreds of charities nationwide. Within minutes, you will be able to locate a charity near year that will accept your dress and other donations, and even be able to schedule a free pickup of your donations. will put you and a local charity in touch, at no charge to either party.

Donating a dress – the ecological choice

Donate a dress to charity and you won’t simply be helping a young woman enjoy one of life’s memorable moments ñ you’ll also be helping the environment. A dress that can be worn a second or third time around means that fewer reusable, recyclable items are heading off to the overflowing landfills. Donate a dress to charity and make your good deed count twice!