Donate Appliances to Charity

Donate appliances to charity.Donate appliances that you’re no longer using. Though all charities may not accept all types of appliances, can help you find an organization that will welcome the item you would like to donate.

Which appliances make good donations?

Donate large appliances. Donate an oven or a stove. Donate a fridge. Donate a freezer. Donate a washing machine or a dryer. Donate a dishwasher. You can also donate small household appliances. Donate a toaster or a blender. Donate a mixer. Donate a microwave oven. Donate an ice cream maker. Donate a bread machine. Donate a wine chiller. Donate a toaster oven. In most cases, it’s essential that the appliances you’d like to donate are in good, working condition. Please do not donate appliances with missing or broken parts.

What will happen with my donated appliance?

When you donate a used appliance, the receiving charity may resell the item in order to fund its activities and further its mission, or it may instead give the item to an individual or a family in need. Either way, when you donate an appliance to charity, know that you’ll be helping the organization do a better job at helping the less fortunate. Also think about where your appliance isn’t going ñ to an overflowing landfill. Donating used, functioning appliances to charities gives these valuable items a second life and is infinitely better for the planet.

Does the appliance have to be in working condition?

For most charities, yes. If a charity plans to resell your donated appliance to raise money for the work they do or if they intend to give it to a needy individual or family, the charity will most likely request that the machine is in good, working order. In rare cases, charities may accept broken appliances for parts or for training programs. It’s best to check with the charity first. The more recent the appliance, the better, as newer machines are likely to be more energy-efficient than some of those decades-old fridges and freezers that have been collecting dust in a corner of the garage. Again, check with the organization to ensure that the appliance you wish to donate is appropriate.

Where can I donate old appliances to charity? has made the process easier than ever., thanks to its growing database of charities across the nation, will put you in touch with a charity that needs your donations. And, within minutes, you can schedule a fast, free pickup of your donated items. This means that there’s no need for you to rent a truck, beg your brawniest friends, or haul heavy appliances across town!

So, before you let the deliverymen of your brand new machine take off with your old one, find out if the company recycles, donates, or trashes the item. If you find out that your old appliance will simply be thrown away, why not choose to donate it to charity instead? You’ll be helping someone who needs it, you’ll be contributing to the important work of a charity you support, and you’ll be doing something positive for the planet as well. Connect to a charity near you with the help of today!