Donate Computers to Charity

Donating a computer to charity is a smart, sustainable move for several reasons. Your computer donation can help kids with their homework. Your donated computer can enable the elderly to stay in touch with distant family members, and keep mentally and physically agile. A donated computer can help someone successfully start and manage a business. A computer can also help a budget-strapped household keep better track of the finances.

Donate a computer Donating computers to charity is good for people and the planet

Donating your used computer is also an environmentally-friendly, sustainable solution. Each year, tons of computer and electronic equipment are thrown away into already overflowing landfills.

How do I donate a computer to charity?

Thanks to, donating a computer to charity has just gotten easier. will put you in touch with a charitable organization in your area that welcomes your computer donation, and help you schedule a pickup of your donation. It’s a fast and free service — there’s no charge to you, the donor, or to the charity. Donating a computer keeps electronic equipment in the hands of people who can really benefit and keeps it out of the landfills. It’s a win-win situation for people AND the planet.

Laptops are especially in demand

Many charities are particularly interested in your used laptop donations. Donating a laptop computer can help a student get through high school and college. Donating a recent laptop, with its necessary cables, is most beneficial.

Printers, cables, keyboards, mice, monitors, and other computer equipment are needed, too!

Computers and laptops aren’t the only acceptable donations. Donate printers, especially laser printers. Donate computer cables. Donate a computer keyboard. Donate mice. Donate monitors, particularly large monitors. Donate all kinds of computer equipment. Functioning, recent equipment is in greatest demand.

What if my computer doesn’t work anymore?

In most cases, the computer you wish to donate should be in working condition, and be Internet-capable. Sometimes a charity will accept a computer that no longer functions (for a training program, or for parts), but working computers less than five years old make the best donations to charity. Whenever possible, donate your used computer to charity soon after you purchase your new one so that it can bring the greatest benefit to its future owner.

I have a really old computer in my closet. Will a charity accept my ancient computer?

Ideally, charities prefer that computer donations and computer equipment donations are less than five years old, since technology advances so quickly. That said, some charities may accept older computers and computer equipment. will help you find a charity in your area that is looking for the kind of computer donation you’d like to make.

What about my files and programs?

You may feel more comfortable if you delete any personal files before you donate your computer to charity. If you don’t — or if you don’t know how to — be sure to find out from the charity what kinds of protection you have for any personal information. You should also ask about leaving your software installed (such as your operating system, word-processing programs, or Internet program). can help you find just the right charity for your computer donation. You can also schedule a fast, free delivery in a matter of minutes. Donating your computer and computer equipment has never been easier!