’s Donation Pick Up Guide

Here are some general rules to remember before you make a donation of clothing or household goods to charity:

  1. If you have doubts about a particular item you’re donating, please contact the charity. You can also review our Acceptable Donations webpage for basic guidelines of what kinds of donations charities do or do not accept.
  2. Please do NOT donate items that are stained, torn, or unusable. Unfortunately many people treat these charities as a trash pick up services. All donations should be clean and in good condition.
  3. Place all your donations in bags or boxes outside your house on the day of your scheduled pick up. Many charities require that donations be outside your home by a specific time.
  4. On the scheduled day of pick up, make sure your donations are clearly labeled with the charity’s name. This is essential to avoid any accidental pick ups of items you do not wish to donate. (Remember…If your child parks his bike right next to a pile of donations, the charity truck drivers won’t know the difference. So, keep items you intend to donate separate from everything else.)
  5. The charity should leave you a tax receipt of some kind. If they forget to leave you one, feel free to contact them. They should be willing to mail or email you one. At the very least you should be able to pick one up at their store.