Donation Pick Up in Many States

Donation Town is an invaluable resource devoted solely to linking you to worthy charities in your area when it comes time to donate your used clothing and household items. Wheverever you are, chances are Donation Town can connect you with a charity that will pick up your items. You can get organized and de-clutter your home while you help others with your tax-decutible donations. Donation Town partners with charities of all types and sizes, such as Salvation Army, the Vietnam Veterans of America, and Habitat for Humanity, plus hundreds of others all across the USA and Canada!

In the United States:
Alabama – AL
Alaska – AK
Arizona – AZ
Arkansas – AR
California – CA
Colorado – CO
Connecticut – CT
Delaware – DE
Dist. Columbia – DC
Florida – FL
Georgia – GA
Hawaii – HI
Idaho – ID
Illinois – IL
Indiana – IN
Iowa – IA
Kansas – KS
Kentucky – KY
Louisiana – LA
Maine – ME
Maryland – MD
Massachusetts – MA
Michigan – MI
Minnesota – MN
Mississippi – MS
Missouri – MO
Montana – MT
Nebraska – NE
Nevada – NV
New Hampshire – NH
New Jersey – NJ
New Mexico – NM
New York – NY
North Carolina – NC
North Dakota – ND
Ohio – OH
Oklahoma – OK
Oregon – OR
Pennsylvania – PA
Rhode Island – RI
South Carolina – SC
South Dakota – SD
Tennessee – TN
Texas – TX
Utah – UT
Vermont – VT
Virginia – VA
Washington – WA
West Virginia – WV
Wisconsin – WI
Wyoming – WY

In Canada:
British Columbia
New Brunswick