Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the Donation Town Directory of Charities?

Answer: The DonationTown directory is a listing of charities throughout the United States that offer donation pick up service. It’s the number one source to find charities that will come to your home and pick up charitable donations such as clothing and other household goods.

How does a charity get listed in your directory?

Answer: It’s easy for a charity to get listed in the DonationTown directory. All qualifying charities are invited to visit our directory submission webpage.

Does it cost money to get listed in the Donation Town Directory?

Answer: Our directory listings are absolutely free! We don’t charge charities or donors to use the Donation Town directory.

How does a donation pick up work?

Answer: Read our Donation Pick-Up Guide for all the details on how donation pick up service works.

If I make a donation to one of the charities in the Donation Town Directory, is it tax deductible?

Answer: All the charities in the directory are non-profit organizations (to the best of our knowledge). Therefore, donations to these charities should be tax-deductible. Please consult your CPA for tax advice. We’ve also written some articles about tax deductible donations. We strongly recommend that you visit to review the non-profit status of any charity.

Is a charity?

Answer: No. We are not a non-profit charity. This website was not created to generate money though. It’s simply here as a resource to help people donate to non-profit charities. Sometimes doing a good deed is reward enough!

What if I have more questions?

Answer: We love to hear from our visitors. Contact us any time!