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Vital Statistics

Founded: September 2008

Size: is run by dozens of family and friends who volunteer to make Donation Town a success.

Donation Pickup Service Area: Donation Town connects donors to charities in all 50 U.S. states and Canada.

Successful Donations: Thousands of donation pick ups have been scheduled thanks to and the hard work of everybody who helps run Donation Town.


Donation Town is an organization dedicated to helping donors find quality charities that will pick up donations of clothing and household items at their home.

There are hundreds of charities across the Unites States that offer free donation pick up service for their donors. They will send a truck out to the donor’s home, pick up the donations, and leave a tax deduction receipt for the donor. Donation Town works with these charities and offers a platform for them to connect to potential donors through the web.

Donation Town does not charge the charities or the donors for this service. Everything is completely free for both the donors and the charities.

Attention Charities: Please Help Spread the Word About Donation Town

Donation Town is 100% free for all charities and donors to use. All charities that offer donation pick up service and meet our charity guidelines are welcome to be a part of the directory. Our goals here at Donation Town are to help some great charities and keep “stuff” out of landfills. We feel that these are worthwhile goals and we hope that you agree.

It’s for this reason that we are actively asking charities to help spread the word about Donation Town. Below are a few ways that you can help:

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Member of the charity directory.
The Member Badge: donate clothes to charity today!
Donate clothes and household items to charity.
Member of the charity directory.
The Member Badge: the largest donation pickup directory on the planet!
The largest donation pick up directory on the planet!
Member of the charity directory.

Donate clothes and household items to charity. A great way to recycle!
Member of the charity directory.

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Donate clothes with the help of Donation Town.

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<p><a href=””>Donate clothes</a> with the help of <a href=”” >Donation Town</a>.</p>


Proud member of the donation pick up directory at Donation Town.

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<p>Proud member of the <a href=””>donation pick up</a> directory at <a href=”” >Donation Town</a>.</p>

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We’re a new donation pick up charity.


We love the! donation pick up directory!

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