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Our charities accept a broad variety of donations, including clothes, shoes, purses, household goods, toys, and more.

Your donations of clothing and household items are crucial, providing the main source of funds for our charities to back various programs at local, state, and national levels. Click to schedule now.

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Did you know that some charities will send a truck right to your doorstep to pick up your donations of used clothing and household items? Donation Town links donors like you with these charities, offering a free donation pickup service. These organizations gladly accept a wide range of donations, including clothing, furniture, toys, shoes, and various household items, and more!

Maximize Your Tax Benefits with Donation!

Transform your charitable contributions into tax deductions by donating items like clothing, shoes, furniture, and other household goods. Reduce your tax bill while supporting charitable causes by donating non-cash items!

Embrace Eco-Friendly

By donating your pre-loved clothing and household items, you’re not just giving to charity – you’re keeping these items out of landfills. Your donations support deserving charities and promote environmental sustainability.

Declutter and Contribute
to a Good Cause

Clear out your closets and garages by donating today! Your contributions not only help you get organized but also significantly impact various deserving charities.

Simple Steps to Schedule Your Donation Pickup!

Book Online

Use the user-friendly scheduling form at to arrange your donation pickup. PickupPlease is the service that will collect your items for the charities.

Prepare Your Donation

Place your bags or boxes of donated items outside your house on the scheduled day. Label them as “Donation Pickup” so the driver knows what to collect.

Effortless Pickup and Tax Receipt

The driver will collect your donations whether you’re home or not, and leave a tax deduction receipt for you. And don’t worry – they will pick up come rain or shine!

List of Acceptable Donations


Includes a variety of clothing for women, men, and children, such as purses, belts, ties, wallets, dresses, shirts, pants, and shoes. We welcome all kinds of clothing, footwear, and accessories.

Household Items

Kitchen items like dishes, glasses, and silverware, plus small appliances, bedding, linens, pillows, curtains, rugs, jewelry, cosmetics, comforters, home decor items, baby essentials, art pieces, and picture frames.


A range of toys including stuffed animals, board games, dolls, action figures, and sporting goods.


A variety of electronics like stereos, radios, gaming consoles (such as Xbox, Nintendo, PlayStation), computers, laptops, monitors, DVD players, cameras, typewriters, and other small electronics. We accept small kitchen appliances too. (Note: Currently not accepting TVs).


All types of books, encompassing hardcovers, paperbacks, fiction, non-fiction, and e-readers.


Exercise equipment like small weight benches and weights, sporting gear including ski equipment, snowboards, helmets, baseball bats, basketballs, soccer gear, tennis equipment. Tools like drills, saws, nail guns, and yard tools including lawnmowers and weed eaters (excluding any items requiring fuel).

Small Furniture

Items such as mirrors, nightstands, headboards, and office chairs, along with other small home furnishings.


Bicycles, musical instruments, small filing cabinets, items left over from garage sales, and various small appliances like microwaves, blenders, toasters, and coffee makers.

About Our Charities

Our Charities Provide Critical Support Individuals and Their Families Facing Challenges and Hardships

VVA knows what returning veterans face. We have been through it before and we know that, despite all the rhetoric, returning veterans will face major problems. VVA will be here for as long as it takes to make sure that those who serve our country receive the care and respect they have earned.

There are hundreds of organizations that help U.S. veterans, but very few that provide holistic support on a national level. That’s the dream Veterans’ Voice of America is built on.

Our Journey to Founding was born out of a simple desire: to boost charitable donations. It all began with an idea – to develop a website that would make it easier for people to donate to charities. We brought together a group of close friends and family, rolled up our sleeves, and started to brainstorm and research.

We noticed there were numerous websites for those wanting to volunteer their time or donate money to causes. However, there was a gap – we couldn’t find a comprehensive resource for donating non-cash items like clothing and household goods to charity. As we delved deeper, we discovered that many charities actually offer to pick up donations from people’s homes at no cost. This was a revelation for most of us, as we weren’t aware of such a service being available.

That’s when our mission became clear: We set out to create the premier website to bridge the gap between people wanting to donate non-cash items and charities that provide pick-up services. Our goal was to make the process of connecting with charities and scheduling donation pick-ups as seamless as possible.

We thank you for your support!